Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Varenna 31/05 - 01/06

Early last Spring, Laure and I drove out to Lago di Como to meet up with our friends Llew and Gabbie.
This is not Lago di Como.
We passed some beautiful lakes in the Alps on the way there.
This is it.
Lago di Como is hugged by mountains with many little hilly villages on its shore. We stayed at one such village named Varenna -- across from the world famous Bellagio, which bares little resemblance to its Las Vegas counterpart as we described when we first visited. For those of you that are Rick Steve's travel guide book fans, Varenna happens to be his favorite town along Lake Como.

We walked around Varenna and checked out some landmarks including an old fort up on the hill.

Gabbie found a ghostly friend by the old fort.

As it usually goes with Italian trips, my favorite part was the combination of tasty food outside with good ambiance and great company.

Assortment of cheeses and cold cuts is a good way to start a meal.
Llew eloquently expresses something exquisite.
Great company.
And an amazing sunset view.

At night, we took a couple of bottles of wine up to the rooftop, where we stayed and chatted until late. The view was amazing.

Bellagio across from the lake.
Llew and I look like Italian mobsters here.
Next day, we took a ferry across the lake to visit Bellagio with its cute narrow streets and some fancy shops before all driving back to Zürich together. A fun weekend adventure!

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