Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saying Goodbye to our little San Francisco nest

We have been at our current apartment together for almost the entirety of our relationship. Many of the big changes in our life together happened while we've lived here. This apartment was the longest either us had lived at one place since we moved away for college and this place really feels like home. We know every spot where the floors creak, the best places to find car parking nearby, some of the neighbors and local business owners and employees. Our place was just what we needed, a cozy retreat tucked away on a small tree lined street in a quaint neighborhood. A friend referred to our place as our "nest" - I couldn't agree more.  Hidden from tourist groups, quiet, warm and cozy.

Making our place feel like home had been an ongoing project. Our place is small and could easily have felt crammed. Applying techniques to maximize spaces made our 450 square foot place feel like comfortable 600 square foot apartment that was a joy to live in. Believe it our not, we like living in efficient small spaces. It's fast to clean, utilities are cheaper, and they encourage us to keep only the items that we really need or value. And not owning a lot will really help when we start packing and adjusting to Europe's compact lifestyle.
Itty bitty bedroom
Living room
Eat-in kitchen
Kitchen to roof deck

Before we started packing, I took a few pictures to remember our San Francisco little nest. I think I'll miss listening to the seals from Pier 39 bark while laying in bed at night, the parrots from Telegraph Hill and seagulls squawking in the morning, walking to Little Italy for coffee or dinner, and enjoying the sunshine and view from the roof deck.
San Francisco Bay view with the Golden Gate and Alcatraz to enjoy from the roof deck

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