Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift Registry

Our gift registry is up!

We decided on creating two registries: one to fund our honeymoon volunteer trip in Africa, and the other for funding a savings for the purchase of our first home.


For the honeymoon trip, our friends and family may contribute by pledging to help us pay for different things such as air fares, and hiking tours. For the home registry, guests may pledge to contribute varying amounts, which will be saved in a low risk investment account until it graduates to become a down payment on our first home. After pledging to contribute in either registry, each guest may give us a check on or around the wedding day.

There are a few different websites that provide this type of "honeymoon registry" service, but most of them ask guests to pay via Paypal or some other online service that charges a percentage fee (usually about 3%) per transaction. So we went with Honeyfund, which allows us to ask our guests to send us checks without going through an intermediary company. Besides, Paypal sucks.

We decided on this unorthodox type of registry because these are very important things for us and we hope that our friends and family can take part in helping us make them a reality. We also do not need or desire anything else such as furniture, silverware, electronics, or underwear since we're already happy with all we have.

So if you would like, please check out the gift registry.

See you at the wedding!

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