Monday, April 19, 2010

It's in the Mail

Save the Date postcards are finally out! Two months of kicking around ideas and we settled on one. Here are a few ideas that didn't make the cut:

(This is Quarup's favorite by far.)

Proposed back.

Good in theory, bad in reality.

Okay, this is it.

After a visit to FLAX Art and Design store for supplies, we started working on our signs. With a little creativity, we were able to create extremely large lettering using Illustrator and our projector.

Next was the main image. Since we are having a winter wedding, the most appropriate setting was Tahoe just after a snowstorm. Here are a few images of our photo shoot.

Here is the undoctored photo of Quarup between the trees.

We chose to print through Greenerprinter because of their environmentally responsible printing practices, affordability, and location (they're located in Berkeley); we picked up the prints rather than paying and waiting for shipping.
And to top the whole thing off, we decided to feature a stamp with a photo of us (well, our shadows) in Hawaii on our engagement day.

We're excited to share our postcard with our invited guests.

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